Awnings & Roller Shutters


Doolans are an authorised Barlett Blinds retailer, Bartlett Blinds are the market leader in the manufacture of extrernal awnings; they have serviced Australia for over 55 years and provide exceptional quality. Cool your home, save on air conditioning bills or just add another comfortable living space in your home.

  • Automatic Awnings
  • Fixed Guide Awnings
  • Straight drop Auto Awnings or Geared
  • Wire Guide
  • Remote control awnings with electric & solar powered options
  • Ziptrak® Awnings



Rollershutters are the perfect insulator for your home. Reducing noise, light and acting as an additional security system. These rollershutters are solarpowered and remote controlled.

Benefits include: 

  • No drilling or hardwiring into your home.
  • Independent of mains power.
  • Solar powered.
  • Smooth electronic operation.
  • Completely integrated system with concealed battery in the shutter pelmet.
  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee on motor.
  • 1 year manufacturers guarantee on solar panel, battery and all electronics.

Custom made to suit any application.

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